Portland Mennonite Church 

Sunnyside Mennonite Montessori School, also known as SMMS, started in the fall of 1978. The school was a dream that grew from members and staff of Portland Mennonite Church (PMC) as a way to serve the community.  The first three years the school was called Sunnyside Preschool and was operated as a Co-operative Preschool. In the fourth year of operation, the school became a Montessori School.

The school is an outreach program of PMC but operates independently. The only requirement from the Church is that the Board Chair and Treasurer is a member of PMC. The board consists of three parent members and three members from PMC.  PMC has always been a supportive partner for the School.  We are very grateful to the Church for giving us the space downstairs at no charge to operate this unique, special school.  With low overhead, we are able to keep our tuition lower than other Montessori Schools.  In addition, the Church supports scholarships for up to two SMMS students.

The mission of the school has always been to provide a setting for education that is a safe environment for all the children. Our goal is that each child develops their learning and relational skills so they are equipped for a life of learning.