The Sunnyside Mennonite Montessori School is operated by the Portland Mennonite Church as a service to the community and church families.  The school provides quality early childhood education using the methods of the American Montessori Society.

Our aim is to help the child develop a sense of security and identity.  The teachers share a genuine love and concern for each child as an individual, helping the child to be tolerant, creative, cooperative, imaginative and to show initiative and independence.  We want to help each child grow physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


Physical: The hands and body of a child are the instruments of the mind.  The environment lends itself to the development of large and fine motor skills.  Motor skills help develop the mental capacity.

Mental: A child learns through the senses.  When children organize external activities, they internalize order.  Many activities in Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Language, and Math are provided to bring forth independence, concentration, coordination and a sense of order.

Emotional: Our aim is for the child to develop a positive self-concept and sense of worth.  We have prepared our environment in a positive and constructive way to help children meet their needs.

Social: The child is encouraged to establish relationships with other children and adults.  The child is shown how to express needs in a positive way.

Spiritual: Teachers communicate to the child that God is, that God creates, that God loves and cares for the child and their friends, and that all the wonders of the world and of life are God’s gift.


The school provides a setting in which parents have an opportunity to become involved with both adults and children, gaining insight into their child’s growth and development and into parent-child relationships.  It also provides an opportunity to establish friendships with other parents in the community.